Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inside Out

Here is some food for thought about a topic we all try to avoid, but as the Daily Times Newspaper pointed out, is a topic that we cannot escape. "The Heroin Epidemic." 

Drug abuse, pill popping and now heroin-- is and has been running rampant through Delco. When I read the cover story in the paper yesterday it had me reflect on my own experience watching a friend, become destroyed by drugs. If anything, this article, this epidemic, is speaking to our 20something generation. We have to stop thinking that "partying" "doing pills" or "getting high" is cool, normal, or socially acceptable.

I am taking a class this summer for my Master’s Degree called “Writing the Unspeakable” and so the Daily Times Article inspired me to write this piece...

Inside Out

I haven’t decided what’s worse? Knowing he was lying dead in a coffin somewhere or knowing he was "dead", killing himeself each day, but still dragging himself through life?

The latter had to be worse. At least when you’re dead… really stiff as a board, eyes stuck open, mind off, dead, then there isn’t any hope left. You’re gone. You have to accept it and everyone left behind has to accept it as well. There is no more space in time for “what if’s” no more “maybe’s” no more prayers or wishes or hopes. They too have all settled into what we affectionately call closure.

We can allow ourselves to grieve and eventually to forget. We allow our minds to manipulate the memories—we forget the tragic, the dark, the heart wrenching parts and we let the happier, “before” memories take over. Eventually we allow ourselves to let go of the hurt, disappointment and loss. We “let go” because we want to, and because they are dead, so we have to.

So don’t get me wrong, I am not wishing death on him. God No! It’s nothing like that. It’s just that for me—the bystander, the friend, the outsider; I had no control. I have just had the displeasure of watching the beautiful person I once knew fade away into the dark depths of drugs. I could only watch as he got worse, and kept using. For me, it was like standing by a pool, watching someone you love drowning and not being able to reach in and pull them out. That’s how I felt at least. That’s why I think that maybe death would have been easier.

With death there is a definitive end.

So, maybe if he were laying in a casket instead of walking down the street I would have had to let go much sooner. Maybe then I would have been able to disregard the “what if’s” the “maybe’s” the prayers, wishes and hopes that lurked in my mind.

But he’s not dead, not then and not now. Somehow he “survived” all that drug use. His body survived at least, so he’s not physically dead. There is no coffin, no funeral, no eulogy—and no closure. See the catch 22?

He, as I remembered him, was forever changed by the drugs. The liquid poison raced through his veins and erased him. The person I loved, I knew, I grew up with…he was gone. His body was still there, reminding me of who he once was, but he was gone from the inside out. That’s the hardest part. Helplessly watching a loved one turn into a drug addict is one instance when it feels okay to think that death may have been easier than life.

Watching someone die inside out made it all feel so backwards.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

PA Nails- Average Prices & ABOVE Average Experience

The snow is a distant memory and Summer is just around the corner. So for us 20something’s this means flip-flops, open toed shoes and inevitably pedicures. The downfall of this is having to frequent a grimy, sub-par nail salon. You know the ones I’m talking about…. 

You sit on folding chair while in the waiting area. In the back of the joint, people are getting their eyebrows waxed in open forum in a corner without any privacy. The paint is peeling on the walls and the TV displays a fuzzy picture. You decide to pick your color while you wait, but notice names like Revlon and Maybelline. Hmmm… you wanted to use a grade-A salon quality, like OPI or China Glaze (I mean you’re paying right?) So, you reach for a polish, in what looks like a professional looking bottle, only to find it’s old, clumping and multi-colored. Even the strongest shake of that bottle won’t blend that polish around. At this point they have called your name, so you grab a color that doesn’t look too old (you hope). You sit in a dusty chair, looking down at dirty tools and mismatched equipment. Hey its only $15 for a manicure, you think. What’s worse is when you sit down and they bring a bucket with water (which is supposed to be a pedicure) or they have a chair you think will be a spa chair and you discover it doesn’t work.
This kind of experience makes you want to save your money and do your nails at home!


Do not deprive yourself of the relaxing experience. Treat yourself and go to a salon where you can get your monies worth. With the wide-variety of nail salon’s that saturate the Delco Area, (many of which evoke the terrible experience I’ve described above) I decided to let everyone in on my favorite place. One that is NOTHING like those other grimy places. It’s called PA Nails in Aston.

It is clean, professional, trendy and provides a rejuvenating experience. The owners play relaxing music throughout the salon and have the best spa pedicure chairs in the area. PA Nails is located in The Dutton Mill Shopping Center (right off of Pennell Road/ Route 452). It is a far cry from the run-of-the-mill nail salons that come and go with the passing months. Rather PA Nails has been in business for years. I was getting my nails done for Prom’s here.

Even better, in the past year they have revamped the entire salon. You sit in the tiled waiting area on plush leather couches. You chose your color from top products like Esse, OPI and China Glaze nail polish. If you want to have your eyebrows done, you go into one of the two private rooms in the back. You lie on a professional lounge-type chair, close your eyes and enjoy the classical music. The staff is nice and professional. The environment is chic and pristine.

The best part…. the prices!!! Hot Oil Manicures $12. Pedicures $25, Full Sets $25 and Refills $15. Standard prices for ABOVE standard service. Trust me, no matter what service you chose, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to nails, waxing and pedicures, PA Nails is now offering a new addition to their pedicure services. If you want to really treat your tootsies spend $38 and get a Deluxe Spa Pedicure. This includes; Royal Petal Bath, Lavender Sea Salt Soak, Exfoliation Honey Sea Salt Soak, Peppermint Foot & Leg Mask, Hot Towel Wrap, Extended Massage with Lavender Oil and a Hydrating Cucumber Heel Therapy.

So, don’t let those other places break your spirit…keep treating yourself and get the services you deserve. To make an appointment at PA Nails call (610) 485-2670. I’ll see you there!


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