Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm letting the secret out...Styler’s Garden Café

Since this the first official entry (not the intro) I figured I would let you guys in on a Delco restaurant that has been under the radar for too long. So I’m going to spread the word and fill you in on how cool Styler’s Garden Café is.

Styler’s Garden Café is located in Glen Mills inside Terrain. Terrain reminds me of a “main-line-Linville Orchards-for adults.” It has plants, books, skin care items and oh yea did I mention the amazing food from the café? The café is actually a greenhouse restaurant tucked away inside Terrain. From the outside it looks like a landscaping nursery, but trusts me, take a moment and walk around the grounds; It offers unique merchandise and great food.

The Styler’s café has received rave reviews from places like Philly Mag, and Yelp. Its aesthetically beautiful and creates a nice out-doorsy ambiance while you eat your brunch/lunch sitting among various types of plants and flowers. Like I said, your eating in a green house so even though it was cold today (which I wasn’t happy about) we felt like we were eating lunch in a tropical island because of the warmth and the sunshine pouring in.

I personally love places where you get the “outside” feel even if you’re not technically outside. And don’t worry in the summer they have the green house air-conditioned so you won’t have to worry about melting away.

One of the more unique attributes of the café is that drink menu. No not cocktails (sorry to disappoint) but the variety of teas and coffee’s put’s many other coffee shops to shame. With lunch I had iced honey and lavender tea. It was made with real honey and had lavender in a mini tea strainer sitting inside my cup. Well actually it wasn’t a cup, all cold drinks are served in jar’s (you know the canning jars) which also adds a cool twist.

The best part is you don’t have to drive out of Delco to have a truly unique meal. The menu has great prices! For two people you can get sandwiches, salads and drinks for under $25 total. Terrain only serves food until 2:30pm during the week and 3:00pm on the weekends for brunch/lunch, however, the coffee bar does operate until 6:00pm daily so you can get coffee/tea or a pastry. But, I recommend having lunch and make a reservation because space is limited. Oh and when you go try one of many distinctive tea’s listed.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Bite

Today is the first day... first bite, of my “Food for Thought” section. I decided to go with "Food For Thought" because my blog sounds like it implies cocktails (which is does NOT) so why not have this section sound like it involved Food (even when it does NOT). Its a little backwards...but I think it works!

I am writing this section because I know that people are multi-tasking...
updating, checking, following, downloading, emailing, messaging, texting and still trying to maintain relationships, responsibilities and just life in general.

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all the stuff we have to do.

So don’t worry….I get it! Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down and read something long. This is why I only update my blog once a week. I don’t want to be another check on the daily “to-do list" of life.

So if you only want to read a little, or you love my work and just can’t get enough….(I’m hoping it’s the latter) this section of my page will focus on local tid-bits and will be updated more often than once a week.

So keep checking back and remember…Friday is the big day! Not just TGIF because it’s...

  • The start of the weekend
  • We can go out
  • Grab a drink after work
  • Take a break
  • Know we can sleep in the following day  
But because its also the day new posts are published on my blogs homepage DUH! Okay maybe not the highlight of your weekend...but a girl can dream... :)


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