Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brunner Bash 2011

"NEWS.”The word itself triggers thoughts of severe weather alerts, crime warnings, terrorism, famine, and war. All issues that seem to have a black-cloud over them and induce the “ugh again?” when you sit wide eyed watching the news or reading the newspaper.

But despite all that “NEWS” there is the one coveted section that escapes the hold of the depressing dark cloud. A section entitled “It wasn’t all bad…” A section that reminds the readers of the world that there is some good going on alongside the “NEWS.”

Some people criticize this section calling it “flowery” or “warm and fuzzy.” Those people may be right, but in the wake of the oh-so depressing breaking news that….

  • Runs across the ticker tape at the bottom of CNN
  • Interrupts our “regularly schedules programs” and
  • Flashes an alert on our cell phone

I think we’re all entitled to a little good news every once in a while.This good news steams from the tenacity of today’s youth. Many people label the youth of America as “Techy’s” and “Gamers.” While this may be true for some, there are still some wholesome go-getters out there. Some kids who aren’t afraid to get out from behind their computer screens and T.V’s to start a revolution… A Dance revolution that is…

On February 11, E.T.Richardson M.S. in Springfield, held its first ever Brunner Bash Dance-A-Thon from 3- 9pm.  The committee of students including; Shannon Flaherty, Taylor Cutcliff, Justin Miller, Alex McCormack, David Eckard, Emma Shields, Lauren Bruinsma, Karma Penater, Evelyn Kampmeyer  and Sarah Reilly worked for six months to put the event together.  Each year, Springfield High School holds an annual Dance-A-Thon, but this is the first time the Middle School has organized one.

Middle School student Lauren Bruinsma initiated the idea for the event when she asked her principal if her school, E.T.R., could host its own Dance-A-Thon in memory of Mr. Glen Brunner.   Brunner was a 4th grade teacher at Sabold Elementary School who tragically passed away from cancer, in May 2010.

Justin Miller, an eighth grade student and member of the Brunner Bash committee explains the inspiration for the event.  “My friends and I were really motivated to take part in the event because of what a great teacher Mr. Brunner was.  He made all his students feel special… and his favorite saying was ‘If you can believe it, then you can achieve it’." So they did.

Throughout the evening, more than 176 students from E.T.R. participated in dancing and various events including dodge-ball and “Minute to Win It.”  The event raised $10,475.57 for the Four Diamonds Fund which benefits childhood cancer.

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